ISKCON temple in Chennai

The ISKCON Temples are broadly disperse all over the world and one such temple is located in the Thyagaray Nagar of Chennai. This is located in the Injambakkam district. These temples are all managed and run by the ISKCON society in India. The ISKCON temple in Chennai is the central issue from where the teachings of Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya have been disperse. Upon travelling to the temple you will see the deities of Rukmini and Krishna as these are the gods worshipped here. 


You can see images of Satyabhama, she was one of the eight wives of Krishna, is also housed in the temple. in addition to these gods, the other deities worshipped are those of Subhadra, Gaura-Nitai, Baladeva, and Jagannath. The temple is furthermore the promoter and the protector of the customary art and home wares of south India. The ISKCON society is a factual blend of the custom and modern style which has evolved over the last couple of years with the help of the newest technology.


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