Encased in the purity of soft white snow with the Himalayas proudly protecting its natural environment, Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful blend of adventure and serene life.  All ski lovers dream of skiing in the snow covered peaks of this awesome hill station famous for its Gondola’s and beautiful ski resorts. A vacation in Gulmarg ensures you of picture perfect landscapes, trees that touch the sky and are covered with snow; valleys that make you swoon, divine lakes and in spite of extreme cold warm hearted people.


You are sure to enjoy yourself whether you ride the Gondola, ski on the snowy peaks or just take a walk along the picturesque setting of the hill station. Gulmarg also boasts of the highest golf club with its natural and lush green surroundings. Trek up to the scenic Alpather Lake sandwiched between the two snows capped peaks of Afarwat, at a height of 4511 m. There is a fantastic picnic spot on the banks of the lake with colorful and well maintained gardens. This place can be visited in between Mar-Oct. – See more at:


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