Of the four famous Buddhist pilgrimage, Bodhgaya in Bihar is the most important as Gautam Buddha obtained enlightenment here. A UNESCO Heritage Site, it is the proud home of the majestic and magnificent monument, the Mahabodhi Temple.Affluent on both architectural and historical terms and adorned with a Diamond throne holy Bodhi tree, the Mahabodhi temple is one of the most revered pilgrimage of the Buddhist in the world. A huge and majestic tree, it is a descendant of the original tree of enlightenment.


Countries from around the globe have also built many Buddhist temples and monasteries rich in their architectural style and culture around the Mahabodhi Temple. Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Myanmar, Tibet, Thailand, Japan and many more have their temples here. A must see is the imposing bronze statue of Buddha in the Thai temple. Just near this temple is an awesome 25 meter huge Buddha statue which will hold you spellbound.Soak up the peace of this place as well as pay respect to the positivity of the Buddhist teachings in Bodhgaya