Olakaruvi falls

Olakaruvi falls is something like 35 km (22 mi) from Kanyakumari town and about 17 km (11 mi) from Nagercoil town, close Azhakiyapandiapuram town. The falls is up amidst forested mounds (the rises of the Western Ghats), which is available just by foot from the base of the knolls.


The hour’s trek from the base of the knolls is through rough, forested zone, which is exciting in itself. On a crisp morning, one can see the waterfalls from the base of the knolls through stripped eye, or far and away superior through binoculars/zoom lens. There are two falls – the easier falls, which is a great excursion spot, and the higher falls, which is further tough. The water is fundamentally spring water, coming in as a stream up from the knolls adjacent.