Sri Badrinath Temple

Sri Badrinath Dham is arranged on the bank of stream Alaknanda. Over the valley, two mounts named Nara and Narayana parvats remained on both sides of Alaknanda. Sri Badrinath sanctuary is on the lap of Narayana Parvat with dazzling Neelkanth out of sight. Alaknanda moves through the yard of Lord Badrinath sanctum.Recorded confirmations are not accessible as to the period of the sanctum.


Sanctuary of Sri Badrinath ji was a prevalent sanctum throughout the Vedic age. Master is situated here in Padmasan carriage which was additionally a typical type of Bodhisatva in budhist society. There are distinctive perspectives on the circumstances as how the icon was lying in the Narada kund.One prevalent view is that with the development of budhism, the sanctuary of Sri Badrinath ji was likewise changed over into a budhist sanctuary and icon was tossed by these budhists into Narada kund. However this does not address the inquiry as how the ruler is situated in Padmasan act instead of regular Vishnu iconography.